About the series


Muy Excited is a comedic web series written and directed by Andie Flores, about four friends trying to come into their own in the muy white world of Austin, Texas. Andie, new to town and bummed as hell on the eve of her 26th birthday, shacks up with Vanessa, her larger than life (and maybe part-witch?) newscaster cousin, and soon befriends Maggie, who’s trying to build up the courage to run her own food truck and have a normal relationship, and Gabriel, an actor with a heart of “eh”. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Maggie's mysterious brother Chris is in town.

Zany, unpredictable, and a lotta bit ridiculous, the series follows the group as they navigate a city where they see themselves everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

Muy Excited is currently in post-production.